The Full Moon In Cancer – January 2020

So here we are again, the time of the full moon- the first one of 2020! However, this one isn’t just regular full moon On Friday 10th January the moon will partially be covered by the earths shadow which is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. The name of the moon this month is a wolfContinue reading “The Full Moon In Cancer – January 2020”

20 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation

As human beings go through life with daily responsibilities, many of us struggle to calm our minds and feel centered. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help us with calming the mind and centering ourselves, and creating our realities Whether you are meditating for 5 minutes a week or 20 mins daily, meditation has many positivesContinue reading “20 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation”

The Beginners Guide To The Chakras

“Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body”. Hi everyone, in this post I will be writing about the 7 main chakras in the body and the importance of keeping them healthy Sometimes our chakras can be unhealthy or blocked, this means that energy cannot run freely through them. When chakras areContinue reading “The Beginners Guide To The Chakras”