When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around

Get to know a bit about me

Hey my lovlies im Michaela and I’m so happy to connect with you.

Im 28 years young, and live in a lovely seaside town in Suffolk UK. Here I live with my partner, French Bulldog and my cat.

My goal for starting this blog is to help open others minds to the universe and the power each and everyone of us have inside us.

My spiritual awakening started when I was about 21, after losing a close family member I hit what is called the dark night of the soul. Many people experience dark night of the soul at some point before of during an awakening.

Through the years I have had so many experiences that I had to go through alone as I didn’t think anyone would understand, so I am hoping by sharing these experiences it helps people along their spiritual journey.

One of the most significant parts of my journey has been healing, I have been healed of many physical illnesses through healing methods such as reiki and sound healing. I am now a reiki master and live my life in an ongoing self healing journey.

Blessings x

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