The Full Moon In Cancer – January 2020

Full Moon – Michaela Moonstone

So here we are again, the time of the full moon- the first one of 2020! However, this one isn’t just regular full moon

On Friday 10th January the moon will partially be covered by the earths shadow which is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. The name of the moon this month is a wolf moon, because wolfs can be heard howling at this time of year, and it is in the sign of cancer.

What can we expect from this moon?

  1. Elevated energy and vibration – this can be overwhelming so remember to ground yourself
  2. Ending of old cycles, new beginnings – have you been focusing your energy on things and are now experiencing them manifesting? me too!!
  3. Decoys – you may be having a few testers lately, just make sure you are on your path, don’t get distracted from your goals -stay focused
  4. Vivid Dreams – keep a dream journal, you may be getting messages in your dreams
  5. Connections to spirit – awareness of spiritual energies

Tips to stay focused in this cycle

  1. Trust yourself and the way you feel – let your intuition speak and lead the way
  2. Stay grounded – get those toes in that dirt girl 🙂
  3. Write your goals and desired state of being on paper and release them to the universe – trust the universe to provide
  4. Eat some fruit – let it keep your vibration elevated
  5. Be kind to yourself – do what ever feels right for you

Tonight I will be watching films with my fluffy socks on and a nice cup of herbal tea 🙂

Oh yes – One last thing, don’t for get to put those crystals in the moonlight to cleanse/charge them!!

Love to you all


Michaela x

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