20 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation

Michaela Moonstone

As human beings go through life with daily responsibilities, many of us struggle to calm our minds and feel centered. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help us with calming the mind and centering ourselves, and creating our realities

Whether you are meditating for 5 minutes a week or 20 mins daily, meditation has many positives and below are 20

  1. It eases anxiety – Taking just a few minutes to close your eyes and do breathing exercises can turn off the mechanisms in your brain that cause anxiety
  2. It can boost your mood – by clearing our mind it can help dissolve the negative thoughts to make way for high vibe positive thoughts
  3. It helps to build inner strength – meditation can help us control how we deal with difficult situations
  4. Boosts creativity – meditation helps connect us to the universe and therefore lets our creative energy flow from source
  5. Boots self esteem – it can help us make better decisions and trust ourselves and the choices we make
  6. Meditation helps to keep the brain younger – by focusing on your breath, you are giving your brain a boost and slowing the aging process
  7. Meditation releases endorphins – it also makes you feel happier and more energetic
  8. Could help you loose weight – meditation can help you make more mindful decisions about the foods you eat and even boost the metabolism
  9. Helps create your ideal reality – visualizing your desires in meditation can help attract them to you in your reality
  10. Manages ADHD – meditation and mindfulness can help ease symptoms of ADHD
  11. Helps you find your life purpose – meditation connects us with out higher selves and makes it clearer what our purpose in this lifetime is
  12. It is good for your heart – research shows that meditation positively impacts blood pressure and heart muscle effectiveness
  13. Enhances serotonin levels – meditation can boost the chemical in the brain that that acts as a mood stabilizer
  14. You’ll learn to be in the present moment – by training the brain to focus and not wonder, we can strengthen out ability to be in the present moment
  15. You’ll banish that anger – in difficult times we can sometimes let the natural emotion get a hold of us, meditation can help process situations better in the mind and deal with them in a more calm way
  16. You will sleep like a baby – meditation clears the mind of thoughts from the day and relaxes us so we can slip into a lush sleep
  17. You’ll be more productive – by feeling more positive and clear minded you will naturally have a more productive mind and get on with your day
  18. Assists in spiritual awakenings – meditation an connect us with our spiritual guides and open our minds to the universe
  19. You will become more in tune with your physical body – concentrating on the breath makes us more awake of our bodies and the energies we hold within them
  20. And last on my list (there are many other ways not mentioned here) is, you’ll become the best version of yourself – all of the above benefits will merge together and your life will turn around in the most positive of ways

I hope this has persuaded you to give meditation a try, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

I would love to hear how meditation changed your life 🙂

Love & Light

Michaela x

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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